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Advanced Car Control Course (ACCC)
– February 2014
“This is a course that will allow you to better understand yourself and your car ... I got to understand the weight transfer principles better and got to practice the 90/180° turns better.” - Cookie, Team Chevrolet Singapore
“Highly recommended and commendable ... Dedicated, friendly and helpful instructors. Instructors ensure that the participants get the correct technique ... before moving on to the next stage ... Good balance of theory/practical lessons and instructor to student ratio.” – Hasry WirAmici, Subaru Club Singapore
“It does not matter if you drive a sports car or a stock car, this course will teach you how to control your car the way you want it to be driven.” – Joseph Yip
“A good platform to start off if you are keen in advancing your driving skills ... Good and concise training, opened my eyes to another dimension of driving.” – Vincent Tan, Miata Club Singapore

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