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Advanced Car Control Course (ACCC)
AdvancedDriving.Sg's ACCC will reveal the "secrets" of advanced Rally-style driving on how to put your car where you want it, when you want it. You'll be able to use these techniques in close quarter driving in the concrete jungle, on a Gymkhana course, or even in a WRC Special Stage!

Learn more about vehicle and driver dynamics. Practice advanced car control techniques for controlling and having fun with your car like you never thought possible! It doesn't matter if your car is stock, automatic or Front-Wheel-Drive; whatever you drive, this course is for enthusiasts like you.

On completion of the ACCC, graduates who wish to advance their driving skills further (and perform Russ Swift-style stunts) are eligible to enroll in the Stunt and Precison Driving Course (SPDC) conducted by StuntDriving.Sg.

Course Syllabus
   Vehicle Dynamics (Weight Transfer, Slip Angle and Grip)
   Driver Dynamics (Mental Strategies and Physical Conditioning)
   Advanced Braking (Threshold, Left Foot and Combined Braking)
   Advanced Steering (Throttle and Hand/Footbrake-steering)
   Basic Handbrake Turns (Revision)
   Advanced Rally-style Handbrake Turns
   Advanced Rally-style Power Slides (90, 180 and 360)

Benefits of Small Group Personal Training
   Maximum 10 participants - Better Instructor to Participant Ratio
   1 to 1 Coaching - Better Personalised Learning!
   More Q&A Opportunities - Better Interaction and Sharing!
   Minimum Waiting Time - Maximum Quality Driving Time!

Course Requirements
   A valid Singapore Class 3 or 3A Driving Licence or its equivalent
   ≥23 years old + ≥2 years of actual driving experience
   Defensive Driving Course experience prefered but not essential
   To bring and use your own car* during the Course
   *The car should have a manual Handbrake
   To wear close toe, flat bottom shoes during the Course
   To remove all loose items in the car before the Course
   To submit a Driver Indemnity Form before the Course

Date, Time and Location
Regular Schedule : Discontinued
Upcoming Course : Corporate/Group Bookings Only
Time & Location : To be advised
Private Group Bookings : Please contact us
Special Syllabus / Schedule : Please contact us
Course Fees (No GST)
Ex-DCCC Graduates : To be advised
General Public : To be advised
Inclusive of : Buffet Lunch, Drinks and Certificate
Private Group Bookings : Please contact us
Special Syllabus / Schedule : Please contact us
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